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Richard James has worked in the national LED sign industry since 2006 with most of his concentration on back-office information systems and marketing. As Vice President of a major national sign company for over six years, Richard built a powerhouse sign company focused on superior service and products. In 2015, Richard was named partner and Vice President of Sign-Express where they will provide the same great services and signage solutions nationwide.

Learn About Municipal Building Signs | Government Building Signs

Municipal Building Signs; To Connect with Your Community Are you building a new school or constructing a new hospital? Either revamping your business empire or renovating some religious spots? No matter, whatever you are building, it needs recognition—a recognition that is actually the first interaction of the community with your [...]

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Complete Guide About Directional Signs and Room Signs

Directional Signs and Room Signs; A Recipe for Easing you Visitors Consider yourself moving in a vast multistorey building with no room signs or any assistance; how soon will you reach your desired place? Or, if you are going on vacation from New York to New Jersey for the first time, with [...]

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Why a Church Sign is a Great Investment

Have you ever thought about your Church sign condition sitting right outside your Church?  The church is much more than a beautiful place where people come to pray. It’s a community of spiritually free people connected through God. However, not everyone who practices goes to Church and this isn’t simply because they don’t [...]

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Sign-Express Achieves Sign UL Certification

Sign-Express Celebrates the Official UL Certification of All Electric Sign Products Built in Factory. Houston, TX, November 25, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Sign-Express is proud to announce that all their electronic signs produced going forward will bear the UL certification mark. Sign-Express has built to UL 48 standards since inception and now will make it official [...]

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LED Retrofitting Sign Lighting Benefits

LED retrofitting sign lighting for your business or organization can create significant costs savings and years of maintenance-free sign lighting.  LED lighting has become more and more mainstream due to the tremendous costs savings and return on investment (ROI).  It is true that LED lighting and LED retrofitting sign labor is no small expense, [...]

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How Much Does an Outdoor LED Sign Cost?

This question is posed to me numerous times a day. I get phone calls but mostly emails from potential clients who are testing the water to see if an LED sign will be affordable for their church, school or business. I began working in the sign industry in 1996 and I have found it [...]

Celebrating Our American Independence on July 4th

Celebrating Our American Independence on July 4th Americans fought and won, against tremendous odds and a superior British Army, to gain their independence.  Many Americans gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom and independence.  As children, we studied those famous Fore Fathers who drafted this great document claiming our rights to be [...]

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Southern Baptist Convention 2017 Annual Meeting

Sign-Express Displays at Southern Baptist Convention 2017 Annual Meeting Sign-Express attends the Southern Baptist Convention 2017 Annual Meeting to display our unique Eagle Series LED sign solutions.  This is the first time Sign-Express has attended the SBC meeting since launching our Eagle Series affordable LED sign solution.  Sign-Express has mastered designing and delivering only [...]

Merry Christmas from Sign-Express

Merry Christmas from Sign-Express The Sign-Express family would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from all of us.  2016 has been a wonderful year and we would not be here without all the hard work of the awesome employees of Sign-Express and their families.  We have made some great vendor relationships that [...]

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Spreading the Word of God One Church Sign at a Time

After years of providing Church signs for all types of denominations, both traditional marquee signs and LED signs, I came to a realization that God has been working through our company and our employees to help spread His Word.  The Bible teaches us that we are to go forth and be witness to the world [...]

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