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Municipal Building Signs; To Connect with Your Community

Are you building a new school or constructing a new hospital? Either revamping your business empire or renovating some religious spots? No matter, whatever you are building, it needs recognition—a recognition that is actually the first interaction of the community with your building. Undeniably, the first impression is the most impactful gesture one can get from any place.

In most cases, the first impression determines their association with your brand, product, or place. According to New York Post, one can have 27 seconds to mark their first impression. According to research, 7 out of 10 Americans form their first impression about someone/something before they even speak.

Do you know what speaks for your business or place? Municipal building signs are the non-verbal communicator of your place, which 69% of Americans use to make their first impression!

Let’s unveil the importance of these Municipal building signs.

Importance of Municipal Building Signs

These signs are actually your brand ambassadors. Simple municipal building signs can serve the purposes of:

Inform the Community

These signages give recognition about the place to the community members. Community members get information about police stations, city parks, museums, fire departments, libraries, or other such buildings of prime importance from government building signs. Additionally, people get awareness about traffic control and parking structures located in a particular area.

Welcome Boards

Welcome signs are incredibly impactful because visitors feel delighted due to these kind gestures. The way city administration takes care of the community highly depends upon how people feel when they enter or leave the city. Government building signs portrayed in the form of welcome boards shower a feel of special attention on the hearts of residents.

Consider yourself coming from a long tiring journey, and then a few kind gestures of municipal building signs will wipe away all your tiredness.

Promotion of Local Events

If you want to skyrocket your event promotion, there’s no better way than using customized signages. Municipal building signs will quadruple your event advertisement, either a dad-daughter event or a particular holiday function in the city park. Special occasions require special attention and a personalized way of marketing; that’s what these signages do.

If you have any event coming up, advertise it either with simply customized signages or attractive LED boards. Digital signages generally using LED technology marginally improve community communication.

Considerations before Installation of Municipal Building Signs


Every particular location demands separate studies to determine ideal factors for that site. It is practically impossible to install the same strength signage on New Jersey’s beach and New York’s traffic-filled road. Air currents play a vital role in opting for a particular strength level for any type of signage.


Size is a crucial consideration. The size of boards must fall in compliance with ADA requirements and local governmental laws. ADA talks about the generic consideration of signboards all over America. At the same time, demographic-based conditions are issued by local government bodies. Like, currently, we completed a project for Dallas Christian College. Due to its location, it fell under restrictions of the school sign code, which means only 6’ monument type board height was allowed. For such projects, close collaboration with architects is mandatory.

Digital Display

Nowadays, digital displays are in fashion. Undoubtedly, they offer attractive vision, glamourous display, and far-reaching promotion without being affected by adverse weather conditions. Outdoor and indoor LED municipal building signs assist communities in spreading the word effectively. These illuminated signs facilitate local organizations to portray their messages and keep the public informed.

For the installation of LED signages, multiple factors need to be considered. From how much area the LEDs will cover to the glow of these lights. It shouldn’t be strong enough to bar vision of drivers moving on the roads. Like in the case of Dallas Christian College, Sign Express was only allowed to illuminate 40% of the board with LEDs.

For indoor projects, the installation of these signages enjoys a lot of freedom. While working with Humble ISD Elementary School, we installed 6500k LED lighting to create a white, fully bright lighted cabinet.


Your service provider must be licensed for electrical and other requirements placed by the state authorities. Only take services from fully authorized dealers have:

  • Master Electrician License
  • Engineering Services
  • Licensed and Bonded

In addition to this, they should have their own equipment and installer to carry out all the installation process in just one go.

Build your own Signage with Sign-Express

Sign Express has been working with multiple businesses and government departments for years. From directional signs to ADA compliant room signs and wayfinding signages to monument building signs, we are equipped with all necessary tools to install any of these signages.

Sign Express is a licensed Electric sign company located in the heart of Texas, insured and fitted out with our own equipment and crews. Till now, we have completed 100s of projects with various organizations and institutions. These projects vary from illuminated ones to non-illuminated signs, custom routed signs to custom letter signs and many other such projects.

Recent Projects

A few of our recent achievements include:

  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce LED Display Trailer in Glasgow, Montana
  • Great Stone Coffee Business Sign in Osage Beach, MO
  • International Leadership of Texas School Signs Bryan, TX
  • Texas Eye-care Medical Office LED sign in Corpus Christi, TX
  • PlazAmericas Mall LED Billboard in Houston, TX

And plenty of other such projects, you can check our other projects by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

Sign Express ensures compliance with all local government as well as ADA requirements. From the design phase to printing, and then printing to installation, in short, we carry out every step of your signage design and placement. Just fill out a simple form, and free quotation and rendering will be delivered to you.

Once you get in touch with us, our design professional will discuss various design aspects with you. If you are not sure which sign to be rendered, no worries, we have plenty of pre-made designs for you. We will consider different factors regarding your signboard location in accordance with the area code to carry out the whole process as simple and smooth. Just click here to get your full quotation along with full-color rendering absolutely free! Yes, you read it right; we are offering all this for free.

Just click here to learn more before the offer disappears!

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