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Business Signs & Business LED Signs

Business signs are the best form of advertising for your location.  It is not a question of whether it works or not, it is simple a question of how much increase in business you will receive from a new business sign or business LED sign.  The return on investment is proven time and time again, your business needs a business sign in order to properly market your location.  Thousands of cars drive right by your location every day, your sign at the street is the only way to let them know that you are ready for business.  Utilizing an LED sign allows for you to advertise your products and services more effectively than any other type of advertising.  Are you spending thousands a year on flyers, coupon mail outs and ads in the paper, or worse yet, wasteful TV commercials.  These types of advertisements traditionally have a 1-2% conversion, where an business LED sign can produce upwards of 150% increase in customers in your door.  I’ve seen what an effective outdoor business sign marketing plan can do for a business or retail location.  Because we have been installing LED business signs since 1998, Sign-Express as all the right procedures in place to ensure that your business’s new or updated signage will have the greatest impact.  Contact us today to see how Sign-Express can help transform your business signage, be sure to ask about our HD LED signs and how message flexibility becomes a part of your marketing plan.

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