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LED video walls are a great way to connect to your audience or customers through video.  Video is the most powerful mode of advertising and an LED video wall installed in your lobby or reception can speak directly to them as they enter your building.  Turn an empty wall into a moving commercial for your business.  Turn your conference room or meeting room into a bright and vibrant video cable screen.  Less heat and electricity than a projector, five times the lifespan, and no need to dim the lights to produce spectacular content.  Create a video wall background free from shadows or interruption.

The entertainment possibilities of a full-color LED video wall have no limits.  Save thousands of dollars in material and labor with creative digital scenes instead of expensive sets.  Include beautiful images, text, video in your church worship services.  Show inspiring video and testimonial content to your congregation with a high-resolution indoor LED video display.

LED Video Wall Solutions We Offer

  • Reception LED Video Walls

  • Conference or Meeting Room Video Walls

  • Stage & Entertainment Video Walls

  • Church & Houses of Worship

  • Store Window Advertising

Lobby LED Video Wall

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