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Scorevisions software platform enables you to involve audiences in your gym or stadium on our Fusion LED Scoreboard Displays. Thanks to our user-friendly event production, scoring, and display control software, our LED displays and fixed-digit scoreboards can show results, leaderboards, hype content, and more.

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Engage Fans with Scores, Streams, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions

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Using ScoreVision software, you can keep your existing scoreboards while upgrading the fan experience and giving fans a modern, mobile app, without double data entry or additional effort.


The easiest and most powerful way to maximize the in-venue fan experience is by connecting your LED displays to ScoreVision software. Through our Fusion LED Displays, we can help you find the right video display for your venue using our scoring, fan engagement, and event production software.

The secret to delivering an engaging experience both within the stadium and elsewhere is ScoreVision software, regardless of whether fixed-digit scoreboards or LED displays are the best option for your facility. The fan engagement options on our software platform also include streaming, video highlights, social media updates, a customized mobile fan app, and more.

The ScoreVision software and LED screens open up interesting features that provide your athletic program a professional arena experience. View a few of these intriguing characteristics below.

Player Accolades

With our unique Player Accolade function, ScoreVision software makes it simple to recognize outstanding plays. Our software creates an animation that flashes across your video scoreboard with the push of a single button.


Fans, coaches, and players all adore our unique Dynamic Leaderboard feature. Throughout the game, our software automatically updates the leaderboard, which also includes participant names and images in addition to the numbers.

Hype Videos

By using ScoreVision software to power your video scoreboard, you can quickly display a range of hype movies and other fan interaction materials to energize the audience and create the right mood on game day.

Sponsored Ads

Utilize the integrated advertising engine found in the ScoreVision program to its fullest potential. Along with your score, game information, and other media content, our scoreboard layouts are carefully created to easily submit sponsored content and include sponsor messaging through the cloud app.

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Engage Fans with Scores, Streams, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions
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To enable team engagment with fans from the sidelines, ScoreVision software can be used with LED scorer’s tables. In collaboration with OES, we provide a selection of LED scoring tables with cutting-edge features and functionality.

LED scorer’s tables may increase enthusiasm, increase sponsorship income, and provide a top-notch fan experience to schools and venues of all sizes with ScoreVision software.


Utilize mobile LED scoring carts from AAE, powered by ScoreVision software, to interact with fans from the sidelines. These portable scoring carts, made for outdoor use, can increase fan engagement, generate more sponsorship money, and make your games more exciting. Discover below the interesting elements they add to your sidelines.

Sponsor Ads

Find more ways to raise money for your sporting program. It’s simple and driven by ScoreVision Cloud to display automated ad sequences on your scorer’s table.

Score Information

Display score data on all-digital, personalized scoreboards for basketball, wrestling, and volleyball matches — pushed instantly and without additional work from your Scorekeeper Apps.

Multimedia Content

With the most user-friendly game creation software on the market, the ScoreVision Producer App, you can interact with spectators by using graphics, videos, and other media assets.

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Scorevision Scoreboard Software

Engage Fans with Scores, Streams, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions

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