Sign-Express Celebrates the Official UL Certification of All Electric Sign Products Built in Factory.

Houston, TX, November 25, 2019 –(– Sign-Express is proud to announce that all their electronic signs produced going forward will bear the UL certification mark. Sign-Express has built to UL 48 standards since inception and now will make it official with being registered and labeling all signs with the UL mark. The UL certification process involves a training and onboarding process and finally an inspection that marks your methods and practices as acceptable under UL standards. Each component is carefully chosen from o

Sign-Express UL Certified

nly UL certified devices and material.

On the recent UL certification achievement, Sign-Express President Darick Endecott said, “Ever since the opening of our factory we have strived to build all of our signs to the UL standard. Our clients deserve the peace of mind that the sign they purchase is safe and built with lasting components. Registering our company with UL was long overdue and the next step in the evolution of Sign-Express.”

To gain the official UL certification, Sign-Express performed these steps:
· Complete review of all components and material used to construct each type of electronic signs
· Careful planning and drafting of configuration diagrams to outline best practices
· On going logging of builds, electrical data and components to meet inspection requirements
· Proper training for electrical department workers responsible for the building of electric signs
· Updated and more complete quality checklists for QC inspection and final testing of electric signs

About UL: UL was established around 1894 and is the forerunner in product safety and standards certification in a wide range of products around the world. They are primarily an inspection organization that maintains standards for proper product construction. In the sign industry, UL 48 is the hallmark standard for quality and proper construction methods. Electric signs with the UL mark are required in many cities in the USA to regulate fire hazard and safety issues improper methods can cause. Large franchises and corporations will require the UL mark for their orders to ensure quality and consistency.

About Sign-Express: Sign-Express, a division of Fusion LED Inc., operates out of Houston Texas and produces electronic signs and LED displays for organizations nationwide. Sign-Express specializes in custom letters, electric signs and LED display structures for churches, schools, franchises, and businesses. We also survey, permit, manufacture and install outdoor advertising billboards.

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