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Monument Church Signs

Monument Church Signs Can Minister To Your Community

Church Marketing, it’s a controversial topic:  Should a church advertise?  More and more Church leaders are of the mindset that, like a business, it should market itself to increase its outreach.  Every Church is a ministry, of course, but just like any business it has supply and demand.  The supply is faith, and the demand is followers.  And just like any other organization, it needs to market itself in order to thrive and accomplish its goals.

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Monument Church Sign Design

Monument Church sign design is a core product for Sign-Express and its professional sign design team.  After years in the sign industry, our favorite clients are Churches due to the creative nature of the sign solutions. Sign-Express has designed some awesome looking sign structures.  Designing logos, custom brick shapes, integrating LED signs with beautiful color combinations are just some of the features that make up an intelligently designed Monument church sign.

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Monument Church LED Signs
LED Church Signs & Warranties

Church Monument Sign Warranty

We guarantee a superior quality product backed by an industry leading 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty + 5 Year On-Site Labor Service Agreement that will give you peace of mind. We cover the continental US (48 lower States) and parts of Canada within a 72 hour response time.  You deserve to be worry free; Sign-Express can give that to you.

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Superior Support

Monument church signs may seem like a scary project to you, but Sign-Express offers support on all products sold. Questions about your new church monument sign or need help with your software operation?  No problem.  Give us a call or fill out the easy contact form and one of our professional support technicians will assist you.

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Monument Church Signs & Support

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