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Sign-Express offers free sign permitting review services for our clients at no charge.  Our project management team permits signs and installs signs in most every state. Sign permitting can be confusing and tedious.  Our highly trained project team have the ability to interpret complex code to find exactly what sign or LED sign you are allowed to construct.  Knowing exactly what you are allowed makes your new sign design accurate and sign permit approvals a breeze.  We handle small signs to large LED billboard signs that include state advertising licenses applications, municipal sign zoning, and stamped sign structure engineering drawings, regulation clearance and department of transportation site inspections.  Local and state sign permitting codes can be overly complicated and many times the city offices are unwilling to assist your business or organization.  Let the sign permitting experts guide you toward a successful sign


Sign Permitting Services

  • Local Site Survey
  • Survey Review
  • Document Search
  • Plan Review
  • Plot Plan Drawings
  • Off-Premise Advertising Licensing
  • Sign Engineering
  • Sign Structural Drawings
  • Easement Drawings
  • Photo-metric Drawings
  • Sign Variance Filing
  • Property Re-Zoning

Sign Permitting Professionals


Not sure of your zoning regulations?

Contact us for a free consultation on your signage permit needs.  A Sign-Express team member will locate your local sign code and interpret complex regulations so you to easily understand the amount and size of signage you are allowed.