Directional Signs & Room Signs

Directional Signs and Room Signs; A Recipe for Easing you Visitors

Consider yourself moving in a vast multistorey building with no room signs or any assistance; how soon will you reach your desired place? Or, if you are going on vacation from New York to New Jersey for the first time, with no directional signs throughout your journey, how accurately will you cover this one-and-a-half-hour distance? Or will you even be able to cover it without any errors!

If, by any means, you manage to clear the distance, will you ever prefer to visit someplace again whose path is clueless? The same can happen with your visitors!

Your visitors come to your mall or store but find neither any directional signs towards the parking lot nor any room signs towards your office. Will they be happy with it? It’s human phycology that we always move towards less challenging work. Nowadays, marketing is nothing more than making your customer feel the comfort of your product. A hassle-free service gets more returning customers!

There’s one solution to wipe out all these severe problems and to boost up your business growth. Nowadays, directional signs and room signs are getting popular because of their self-explanatory as well as aesthetical nature. Let’s dive deep into them:

What are Directional Signs and Room Signs

These two non-verbal signs are a perfect communicator of your business. Directional signs bring visitors towards your business, whether it’s a newly constructed building or a warehouse, hospital or market, or any such thing. These direct them towards parking areas and then guide them towards the entrance.

From the entrance, room signs take your visitors to their destination instead of roaming the whole building. Think for a moment if you have organized a meetup in ‘One World Trade Center’ at 50th story with all room and directional signs removed. What do you think? Will your partner be able to reach out to you without any considerable hassle? The answer is a big No!

These directional and room signs serve the same purpose for your visitors. These professional symbols are essential for spreading the word.

How to Get them

In this digital era, everything is at your fingertips. Just one search and tens of businesses will pop up in front of you. But before you buy, keep a few things in your mind to get the most out of them.

All of these signs must be complying with ADA requirements:

  • Signs should be anti-glare
  • High Contrasting tone
  • Complying with Font and Character Properties
    • Size
    • Case
    • Stroke Thickness
    • Spacing
  • Suitable Mounting
  • Corresponding Braille Text

All the directional and room signs should observe these regulations. But with marketing tactics and glamourizing talks, most of the sellers try to sell sub-standard goods.

Before reaching your business, your visitors reach out to these signs. So, to make your first impression impactful. It’s mandatory to design them in an attractive way that will be appealing to the eyes.

How to Design These Signs

The design of directional signs is extremely important. No one wants to tarnish their first interaction with their customer. Using creepy and filthy designs creates a lot of mess. Although there are plenty of tools available online, there’s complete phycological thinking behind the designs of these room signs. These directional and room signs must be designed under the supervision of a professional who will not only ensure design and aesthetics but also check their compliance with ADA standards.

You might be wondering, why not hang a board with a few words written on it. Yes, you can do that, but these words should be understandable for everyone. That’s not practically possible, especially if you are dealing with a wider audience.

What’s the Way Out

Pictorial elaboration is a dynamic way of attracting your customers. Express signs have spent years and years scrapping the human phycology to craft unique but easy-to-understand directional and room signs. We have a team of market experts who analyze your needs and offer plenty of designs option to choose from.

You can even bring your own design, and we will convert it into an attractive sign. If you don’t have any, feel free to dive into the pool of ready-made designs for your needs. In case you don’t like any of them, make sure to consult our expert team as we are offering quick consultation to each of our clients. Click here to get more info.

It means just one click will bring fruit for you. Don’t take our words for it; just read by yourself; what Jason McCaffery from Vital Heart & Vein says about the quality of our service:

“Sign Express has been and continues to be a great partner for our business. They work through every step of the design process and can build a sign of any size, for any type of application. We can trust that that the work will be done correctly and to our satisfaction. The team always completes the job on a timely basis and has very competitive pricing. If you have signage needs, Sign Express should be your first option.”

The Bottom Line

Importance of directional signs and room signs can’t be underrated because of their exceptional impact on your business growth and credibility. If you are looking to have fully customized but professional directional signs for your hospital, business hub, school, religious place, or any other desired spot, discuss details with Sign Express’s Team. After placing the order, we will start working on your project, and the final product will be delivered to you with a pre-defined time span. Furthermore, if you need assistance with the installation of these signs, our professional team will get them installed quickly.

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