Professionally Designed School Signs

School signs are a staple for all schools in the community, public and private. School signs help to identify the school and in most cases communicate upcoming events and messages to the students, parents, and community. Sign-Express specializes in school signs in combination with changeable letter signs and LED signs to achieve optimal impact and message effectiveness. Changeable letter signs, also known as marquee signs, are a very cost-effective way for a school to put messages on their sign to announce events and messages. These marquee signs allow for messages to be made with thin plastic letters in a “zip-track”.  More and more, LED school signs are gaining in popularity due to their eye-catching nature, ease of programming, and moving message capability.  Programming methods have evolved into cellular solutions with cloud-based software for sign message updates from anywhere an Internet browser is available.  This reduces the amount of hardware and information technology support required.

School LED signs are available at Sign-Express in a variety of sizes and resolutions. The cost is surprisingly very affordable and Sign-Express offers flexible financing terms to any non-profit school when purchasing their new school sign.  We work with architects all over the state of Texas to provide total signage solutions including, wall letters, monuments, interior room signs, scoreboards, wall vinyl wraps, and more.  Contact us today for an obligation-free quotation.

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Signs for Schools

Marquee school signs and LED school signs provide the perfect media to communicate with your local community. Display events, report card notifications, meetings and more with a new school sign for your school.
Speak to Your Community

School Sign Solutions We Offer


LED school signs are the best solution for schools through their awesome range of message abilities to the ease of programming for LED school signs. No more standing in the rain to change your messages or having your messages rearranged by vandals. Sign-Express sells a wide variety of LED school signs that will fit whatever budget your school may need. Let our professional designers create the perfect LED school sign for your school.


ADA compliant signage is a requirement for all public and private schools alike.  Sign-Express can help design and produce a variety of ADA school signs for your school.  OUr facility is outfitted with a complete ADA sign manufacturing equipment line to product quality signage.  Color mathcing paint system, ADA compliant braille insertion, larger outdoor wayfinding signage and more.


Monument school signs are a beautiful addition to your campus. Sign-Express has school sign monument designers on staff that can match your building design or create a unique school sign design that will really draw attention. School monument signs can consist of masonry, stucco or painted aluminum. We offer custom vinyl, FREE logo creation, raised letter, reverse lit letters to create a glow effect and more.

Changeable Letter School Signs

Changeable copy school signs and marquee school signs are a great way to talk to your community and members. Our professional school sign designers will work with your school to create a changeable letter school sign that is just right. Thousands of logos and FREE logo creation services are available for all school sign purchases.