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Begin Your Outreach Campaign

Church Signs

Marquee Church signs and LED Church signs provide the perfect media to communicate with your local community. Increase attendance through vibrant and effective messages on your new Church sign by Sign-Express.
Begin Your Outreach Campaign

Church Sign Solutions We Offer

HD LED Signs for Churches

HD LED Church Signs

LED Church signs are growing in popularity across the US. More and more Churches are turning to dynamic LED Church signs and full-color LED Church signs to get their message out. Vibrant full color LED signs can accomplish your Churches outreach goals and keep your congregation constantly informed about upcoming events.  Speak directly to your local community and Church members, pre-schedule messages, scripture and service times.

Affordable LED Church Signs

Affordable Church Signs

Sign-Express offers an affordable led sign and identification sign solution all in one package. The Eagle Series™ LED signs are an affordable sign solution for any Church, School, Government and Retail Business who are budget conscience and looking for amazing message abilities.  The Eagle Series™ incorporates an innovative sign support structure called the U-Connect System™. For more information about the Eagle Series™ line of LED signs and lighted identification signs

Changeable Church Sign Marquees

Changeable Letter Church Signs

Changeable copy Church signs and marquee Church signs are the best way to talk to your community. Thousands of people drive by your Church, what better way to witness to them than with a new Changeable copy sign from Sign-Express. Church signs are proven by an independent study to be one of the deciding factors in new members visiting your church. Your Church sign is the first thing that people see, let us make sure your sign is as inviting as your Church.

Monument Church Sign

Monument Church Signs

Classic and artfully designs monument Church signs can increase your Churches visual appearance. Our designers can create a monument Church sign for your church that your congregation with simply love. Building color matching, structural matching or event new unique designs are something we know. Integrating changeable copy letter board signs or full color LED signs are a snap and we have years of experience building your Church the perfect sign.

Church Signs Proven to Gain New Church Members

According to a study by the National Evangelical Association, 10% of the new church members cited the outdoor church sign as the deciding factor for joining the Church.  Other than family and friends, the Church sign was identified as an essential part of the Churches outreach and membership growth in their community.  The professional and welcoming appearance of your Church is important and so should be your Church sign.  It will most definitely be the first thing your potential new members will see.  Reference NEA 1992



The vast majority of member referrals are from family of other members.



Friends make up the second best referral source for new members.

Church Sign


Your Church sign is the third best referral source your Church has to inviting new members. Make sure your Church sign is visually appealing and catches the attention!

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