Professional Sign Installation

Sign Installation

Sign-Express employs years of experience providing sign installation for businesses and organizations nationwide.  We have developed a detailed process for sign projects that insures all facets of the job are completed to the desired specification.  Stringent attention to zoning code laws and state electrical sign code regulations ensure that your sign is installed safely and designed to last the test of time.  Poorly designed and installed signs can cost your business or organization down the road.   That is why we engineer each sign install we sell that involves concrete footings, steel structures, and signage aspects that will have an impact on your business.  All lighted signs and LED signs are inspected for proper operation, installed accurately, and with the right amount of venting to ensure long life.  Sign-Express has installed every type of sign you can imagine, we know just how important a working sign is to your location.


Sign Installation Services

Texas State Electrical License Registrations


  • Sign Location Survey
  • Sign Electrical Service Inspection
  • Sign Foundation Inspection & Removal
  • Sign Pole Inspection & Removal
  • Existing Sign Measurements
  • Building Color Matching
  • Wall Mounted Sign Installation
  • Pole Mounted Sign Installation
  • Monument Sign Installation
  • Billboard Sign Installation

Sign Installation Professionals


Worried about price?

Contact us for a free consultation on your sign installation needs.  Our network of sign installers are all licensed and bonded in their state. We have thousands of sign installations across the United States ranging from small wall mounted signs to large LED billboard installations. No sign install is too small or too large.