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Fusion LED Displays Sign-Express is a proud distributor of the Fusion LED Displays brand of LED signs and LED display solutions.  Fusion LED Displays has a large selection of Outdoor and indoor LED displays with several pixel pitch resolutions.  Quality signs, at an affordable price.  Cloud software capability included with all signs.

HD LED Signs

HD LED Displays

HD LED Signs are the perfect solution to bring new life to your existing business. Studies show an LED sign can improve sales by at least 15% and up to 150% when used to promote products and specials. Sign-Express carries several LED sign solutions that can integrate with your existing signage or have one of our professional sign designers create a new LED sign solution for your organization. Contact us today to start the journey to your improved image and increased awareness!

Affordable LED Signs

Affordable LED Signs

Sign-Express offers an affordable led sign and identification sign solution all in one package. The Eagle Series™ LED signs are an affordable sign solution for any Church, School, Government, and Retail Business who are budget conscience and looking for amazing message abilities.  The Eagle Series™ incorporates an innovative sign support structure called the U-Connect System™. For more information about the Eagle Series™ line of LED signs and lighted identification signs, click the “Learn More” button.

Monument Signs

Monument Lighted Signs

Monument signs are many times required by zoning and have to match your building exterior. Sign-Express has many years of experience in creating monument signs that accurately blend both your buildings ascetics and colors while capturing the attention of the passing traffic. Monument signs can contain a variation of illumination, lettering, masonry and LED signs to create visually appealing sign structures that will wow your audience. Contact us today to start designing your monument sign.

Changeable Letter Signs

Changeable Letter Lighted Signs

Sign-Express offers a large selection of changeable letter sign solutions to our clients. These are a great starter sign for a business or organization on a budget and wanting the ability to have flexible messages. Communicate events, specials and even witty sayings to grab the passing traffics attention. We offer FREE sign design services, contact us today to start designing your new changeable letter sign or upgrading your existing sign.

Industry Sign Solutions

Business Signs

Business Lighted Signs

Business signs and LED Signs for businesses are the best solutions if you have a location and sell products. LED signs are proven to increase business and make you money. Flexible messages, eye catching graphics, moving video messages, weather are just some of the features you can you implement with a new LED sign for your business. Do you have an existing sign that needs a makeover? Sign-Express can refurbish your old sign with new digital printed sign faces or high-quality vinyl to last for years to come. Maybe you want to modify your existing business sign to make it more appealing, we have you covered. Contact us today to start designing your new business sign or LED sign for your

Church Signs

Church Signs

Church signs and LED Church signs are a core competency of Sign-Express. We have designed thousands of Church signs and have experience permitting and installing nationwide. Leave the heavy lifting and complicated government red tape to us. Our designers will collaborate with you or your committee to create your new Church sign or Church monument. Sign-Express can use an assortment of signage types including, routed face illuminated signs, channel letters, reverse lit letters, standard polycarbonate signs, LED signs, masonry bases, decorative trim to accent your design and much more. The possibilities are limitless. Contact us today to start designing!

School Signs

School Signs

Is your school ready to upgrade your school sign or simply add and LED school sign to a wall or existing sign? Sign-Express has been serving schools nationwide since 1998 creating attractive school signs that you can be proud to display. Our professional design team will work with your school to integrate or create a new school sign for your organization. Need a new logo? No problem! Need to match your building or install to an existing wall? We have you covered. Contact us today to start designing your new school sign. Ask about our special financing for non-profit and government institutions.

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboard Site Analysis is a vital first step to successfully avoid common pitfalls of the digital billboard placement. The billboard site analysis will help you avoid obstructions, discover optimal viewing heights and sizes, identify zoning limitations, and set proper budgets based on traffic counts and market rates. Sign-Express has an experienced team who will help you navigate through the process with ease so you will avoid costly delays.

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Is a New LED Sign a Good InvestmentThe first problem with the question, “How much does an outdoor LED sign cost?”, should be obvious. Imagine going to a car lot and asking “how much is a car?” The answer to this question will depend on numerous factors. For example, what kind of car do you want? Do you want sports utility vehicle, luxury, compact, or sports car…

Financing or leasing a new sign for your business or organization is easy. Leasing allows you to keep your capital and put the sign to work for your business. Leasing a sign is also a large tax deduction for a business in the same year you purchase. Contact us to see if you qualify today!

LED Sign FinancingSign-Express offers special financing including zero down, deferred payments and zero interest for the first year for non-profit and government organizations. Enjoy your new sign now and pay it off later. Contact us now to see if your organization qualifies!

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