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Eagle Series Tri-Color LED Sign

The Eagle Series Tri-Color LED Sign

The Eagle Series Tri-Color LED Sign by Sign-Express is the most affordable identification LED sign combination on the market.  Meet the most affordable LED sign solution for your business or organization.  The unique design is a practical approach to an encased LED sign protected inside an aluminum cabinet with Lexan® faces to last a lifetime.  The illuminated sign cabinet is powered by only the best Day Light LED modules with a maintenance free approach.  No energy wasting breakable bulbs inside your sign, only the best low wattage long lasting LEDs you can buy. The Eagle Series Tri-Color LED sign is exactly what your organization needs with a price tag that is affordable.

Eagle Series Tri-Color LED Sign Specifications

Manufactured in the USA

Sign-Express Eagle Series Tri-Color LED sign is designed in the USA, Manufactured in the USA and include technical support stationed right here in the USA.

Aluminum Cabinet Construction

All of our signs are constructed of high grade aluminum and sealed with silicone. This means lighter weight, easy to install and NO rust!

High Quality Lighted Signs

We use only the best quality materials to create our identification signage. All signs come equipped with Day Light LED modules and Meanwell™ LED drivers to give a long lasting and maintenance free illuminated sign cabinet.

U-Connect™ Mounting System

The U-Connect™ system was designed to allow for easy installation and standard dimension match plates to attach cabinets and pedestals. The U-Connect™ system allows you to upgrade to a larger sign in the future without changing your footing or pedestal. It will also make installation a snap with universal match plates and lifting eye bolts.

Tested & Proven LED Signs

We offer only the best LED signs in the market that are designed to withstand the elements and ensure 100% up time.

Product Safety & Certification

All of our LED sign products are tested and certified to ensure safe operation outdoors. MET Lab® Certified – compliant with UL specifications (UL48, UL8750 an UL1433)

OEM Warranty

All of our Eagle Series LED sign products are backed by a (3) three year parts with factory labor warranty.

Eagle Series Tri-Color LED Sign Specification Description
Resolution / Pitch 15mm/20mm/26mm
Color Capability 16 Million Grayscale
Brightness >5,000 Nits
Pixel Composition 1 Red / 1 Green
Viewing Angle 140 degree
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Refresh Rate 2000 MHz
Graphic Capability Text, Pictures, Video (jpg, bmp, gif, swf, wmv, avi, mp4)
Operating Temperature -40F to +140F
LED Life-span 100,000 Hrs.
Auto Dimming Levels 250 Levels
Service Access Rear Access Only
Communication TCP/IP with RJ45 input, Optional wireless communication
Certification MET Lab / UL48, UL8750, UL1433
Warranty 3 Year Parts / Factory Labor
Eagle Series Tri-Color LED Sign
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LED Retrofitting Sign Lighting Benefits

LED retrofitting sign lighting for your business or organization can create significant costs savings [...]

Eagle Series Features

  • Durable Aluminum Cabinet
  • Lexan Faces
  • Second Surface Graphics
  • Lexan Vandal Cover
  • Graffiti Resistant Paint
  • Eye Bolts for Easy Lifting
  • Light Sensor & Toggle Switch
  • Thin Profile LED Sign
  • Patented U-Connect System™
  • Steel Structure with Match Plate Mounting