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The ScoreVision Fan App scoreboard software is your key to engaging your fans wherever you are. No matter how fans follow the action, the ScoreVision Fan App stays connected with match and results information, video highlights, match schedules, player info, announcements and interactive features. The Scoreboard fan app is personalized to match your school, club or teams branding and connects to the ScoreVision Scorekeeper app to give your fans an engaging fan app experience without double-entry or extra hassle.

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Engage Fans with Scores, Streams, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions
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Game Information

The ScoreVision Fan App automatically feeds match events, results, player stats, and ranking information from the ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps, so no additional work is required by scorekeepers to transfer information to the Fan App.

Video Content

Video highlights from the ScoreVision Capture App can be automatically pushed to the Fan App. Fans can watch clips of game action in the context of what’s happening in-game.

Personal Experience

Bring your school’s branding and messaging to a personalized home screen that can showcase school announcements, sponsorship promotions, and autofill schedules for current and upcoming games.

Sponsor Revenue

The Fan App scoreboard software offers multiple ways to integrate sponsored ads, providing more funding streams for sports shows..

Game Results

Matches scheduled in ScoreVision Cloud are automatically sent to the Fan App, allowing fans to choose which matches to follow.

Favorite Teams

Fans can easily select their favorite team and easily follow multiple teams using ScoreVision scoring and fan engagement software.


Schedule announcements and news within the Fan App and share with your fans.

No Double Entry

Entries because All game information is provided by ScoreVision scoring software, so fans can retrieve this information from the scorekeeper without any additional effort.

Live Streams

Fans can view the live stream alongside scores and video content in the Fan App.

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Scorevision Scoreboard Software

Engage Fans with Scores, Streams, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions

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