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The ScoreVision Video Capture Scoreboard App lets you record and share exciting game actions at your fingertips. ScoreVision’s app-based digital video solution allows teams to quickly and easily capture video content during a game or live event and share it with others. Deliver end-to-end coverage of your events as a live stream while sharing close-up short video clips in action to give your audience a rich experience from multiple angles difference.

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Capture exciting gaming action from the ScoreVision Video Capture Scoreboard App as a live stream or short video clips. Anything can happen at the touch of a button from a mobile device.


Your video content is sent to ScoreVision Cloud or a streaming service for processing. Video content is available to be shared in seconds and stored in the cloud for future use.


Share your video content on the Fan App or personalized web portal, display it on an LED display connected through the Producer App, and download short clips from ScoreVision Cloud for use on social media, in video to fashion and Suite.


The ScoreVision Video Capture Scoreboard App is a lightweight, portable solution that allows teams to create video content for any sport without the need to create full streams. With our app and internet connection, any sport on campus can now have valuable video content.


Create a short video clip from your game or event in Featured mode. The Moments option allows you to capture action that happened by going back in time on the video feed to cut accumulated action to the point in time you want to keep. Or use the Play Action option to record an action that you know will happen. Clips can also be downloaded to share on social media or embedded in promotional content for your team.


Use Easy Stream mode to live stream your event over the internet to your audience using the Fan app and access your personalized web portal. No more cumbersome cameras, power cords, video cables, and encoders. After easy setup, all you need is your mobile device (phone or tablet) and the SV Capture app. Stream from anywhere you have an internet connection! That’s why it’s called Easy Stream!


Share real-time action on a connected video screen using our Live Cam mode. Live Cam mode is perfect for displaying live content on LED screens, such as showing players during tunnel walks and starting formations, cam fans during halftime, and other activities. action and performance of the team in the first half.


Video clips from Moments and Play Action modes can be shared with fans post-game through the ScoreVision Fan app, so your video content can engage fans beyond out of your campus. Clips can also be downloaded from ScoreVision Cloud to share on social media and turn into hype videos and other content.

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Engage Fans with Scores, Streams, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions

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