Community outreach can be better achieved with digital Church signs right outside your Church doors. Churches today are challenged with more effective outreach tools and marketing methods to attract new visitors and share their messages. Whether your message is one of comfort and healing or bible study and getting the community more educated on your religious beliefs, a digital Church sign is the answer. As Churches go more digital and integrate digital signs into their outreach tool bag, the message is much more vibrant and clear. The technological age is upon us and Church marketing is embracing these technologies to help spread the word of God.

Creating the right message for your community outreach campaign can be difficult. Digital Church signs, depending on the size and distance from the audience, have a limited amount of space to fit your message. It helps to break your message into simple slides that coincide and create a larger message. My advice that has worked for all of our clients is to be pithy with your messages. By pithy, we mean direct and condensed or more appropriately brief. Think of this as a slogan that fits easily on to the digital Church sign and catches the attention of the reader. Some examples of one liners are, “Jesus Satisfies”, ‘God Listens” and “Forgiveness is Available”. These are quick and easy messages that fit on the digital Church sign, then you can follow with services times, bible studies and events that coincide with your message.

Sign-Express is a total turn-key signage solution provider of digital Church signs and LED signs in the US. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond with each of our clients. Call or click to speak with one of our professional sign designers so you can get started making money! You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at Visit us at and take the next step toward transforming your Church community outreach.

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