You always hear that an LED sign is the best investment for your business. “Just install it and watch the business increase happen…” Although true in general terms, there are a few details that ensure that an LED sign will create that success you desire for your business. After years of experience and education in the sign business, specifically working with LED signs for businesses, Sign-Express has identified those details that ensure business marketing success and the LED sign effectiveness. We then use our knowledge to create the perfect LED sign solution for your location to ensure business success.
Detail #1: LED Sign Size
The size of your business LED sign plays a crucial part in your business marketing and the ultimate success of the LED sign. Too small of an LED sign will be ineffective and the business increase will be severely hampered. Although, local permitting and zoning will have limitations on the total size of signage, the larger the better for your LED sign is always best. If you have an excess of static signage, you may want to remove this signage to increase the amount of LED sign you will be allowed. Sign-Express can help your business understand permitting and determine size that will be best for your business.
Detail #2: LED Sign Position
The position or location of the LED sign will make or break the signs effectiveness. There is really only one perfect position for your new LED sign, as close to the traffic as possible. Now we know that permitting will obviously play a role in the signs setback as well as your locations obstructions such as parking, easements, property lines and more. Sign-Express can help to locate the perfect position after weighing all of these variables at your business location. We offer a free permit review to all of our clients.
Detail #3: LED Sign Ad Content
After your new LED sign is installed and working for your business, there is one final component that will guarantee LED sign effectiveness. Content. But not just any content, effective and professionally created content. The advertising message you program on your LED sign must be eye catching, convey your message and be designed to increase sales. Whether its daily specials, exclusive products and services or events designed to bring more customers, your message must be accurately designed. Sign-Express has trained artists who have spent years designing effective content that works for your business, ask us about our content creation services to help boost your business marketing outreach. All LED signs purchased from Sign-Express comes with a three month complementary content creation service to create an immediate impact to your new business LED sign effectiveness.
Your business is your livelihood, don’t choose an LED sign because of its price or without fully understanding ALL of the details that will make or break your business marketing success. Be prepared and work with a company that has years of proven success installing LED signs and helping business marketing be successful. The Sign-Express team has all the right components to help make your business outdoor marketing successful. We stand firmly behind the products we sell and guarantee our work will be top notch. After all, your image is our image and your success means our success. You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at Visit us at and take the next step toward transforming your outdoor marketing ability.

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