Signs for Churches are a core product for Sign-Express and its professional sign design team.  After years in the sign industry, our favorite clients are Churches due to the creative nature of the sign solutions.  From small church sign marquees, monument church signs and all the way up to spectacular LED church signs, Sign-Express has designed some awesome looking sign structures.  Designing logos, custom lettering, integrating LED signs with beautiful color combinations are just some of the features that make up an intelligently designed church sign.

Using a strategic design plan for a church sign is how we start with each of our clients.  A professional site evaluation including aerial measurements of distance from the road, road speed and obstacles that may obstruct the signs view is how we begin.  Placement of a Church sign is crucial to the church signs effectiveness.  Next, height and size of the church sign needs to be determined.  Several factors depend on the outcome including permit ability of the local sign code, property size and road frontage, church message planning and finally a target budget for the church sign project.  So many times we have spoken with pastors and church board members that have received a proposal that is completely devoid of these planning steps and the final result would be a sign that is ineffective and misses the target.  More commonly, LED Church signs are proposed that have poor resolutions, too small for effective messages and quality issues that will end up costing the church more money down the road.

Church LED Sign Design
Choosing the church signage features is mostly at the request of the Churches artistic desires, but every so often Churches leave the creativity in the hands of Sign-Express’s professional sign designing team.  Unique angles, stone masonry bases, decorative reveals, raised letters, routed faces with push through lettering, custom designed curved tops are just some of the features that will really make your Church sign stand out to the driving audience.  Color and architectural design matching of current buildings and features is performed by our professional team of artists at the request of the Church.  A rendering of the proposed structure is presented to the church for review and unlimited modifications can be requested in order to reach a Church sign design that the Church will enjoy for years to come.  This is how Sign-Express differs from other sign companies just aiming at selling a sign and moving on.  We want your Church sign to be a beacon, to be an extension of your Churches outreach and make your members proud of the final results.

Sign-Express is your Church sign design and LED Church sign professional resource.  Sign-Express is a nationwide signage solution provider specializing in LED signs and lighted sign design, sales, permitting, installation and service.  The Sign-Express team has all the right components to help make your business or organization outdoor marketing successful.  We stand firmly behind the products we sell and guarantee our work will be top notch.  After all, your image is our image and your success means our success.  You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at  Just fill out the form below and take the next step toward transforming your outdoor marketing ability.

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