Is an LED Sign a Good Investment?

Is an LED Sign a good investment is a question we hear at Sign-Express and one we love to answer.  The simple answer is “Yes”.  The reason why it is such a good investment, is due to the ability to program and change your messages in advance and display them to the driving public.  Studies [...]

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How to Permit a New LED Sign?

How to permit a new LED sign is a question we are repeatedly asked at Sign-Express.  Depending on your location, investigating the sign permit code and what you are allowed for your business or organization can be both confusing and stressful.  One might think that a simple call to the permitting authority [...]

Intelligently Designed Church Signs

Signs for Churches are a core product for Sign-Express and its professional sign design team.  After years in the sign industry, our favorite clients are Churches due to the creative nature of the sign solutions.  From small church sign marquees, monument church signs and all the way up to spectacular LED church signs, Sign-Express has [...]

Bad LED Sign Installations and What They Can Do to Your Investment

Bad LED sign installations are becoming more the norm than the exception. Buyer beware is the old adage and I’m here to tell you it is true. When you spend your hard earned money on an LED sign, you expect it to operate at all times, a bad LED sign installation is the most common [...]

Sign-Express Expands their Operational Personnel

Houston, TX – August 1, 2015 – For Immediate Release Richard James is named the Vice President and Partner by Darick Endecott of Sign-Express. In 2009, Richard James served as Vice President of the Houston based Advantage LED Signs. Darick Endecott was contracted in 2011 to help build up and manage Advantage LED, where together they [...]

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