Section 179 Tax Deductions for Business

Each year the Section 179 Tax Deduction has been extended for businesses in the United States. No one knows quite when this business stimulus will end, so far businesses have enjoyed this tax benefit since the recession hit in 2009, although the allowed amount has decreased in recent years. This deduction allows for you to write off the entire amount of a purchase in the same year. Any equipment purchased or financed in 2015 for your business can be used toward this huge tax deduction.

2015 Section 179 Tax Deduction Example2015 Section 179 Deduction Details:

2015 Deduction Limit = $25,000

2015 Spending Cap on Equipment Purchases = $200,000

How can the Section 179 Deduction help my business?

When you finance equipment, you only need place a small deposit and make a payment or two in order to deduct the entire amount of the purchase. Now think about that for a minute. You can purchase a $100,000 LED billboard sign and only make a single payment of $2500 then write off the full $100,000 purchase. Businesses should use their cash flow wisely, insuring that each dollar spent is meant to create more revenue for their business. Keep the valuable cash flow in your business in order to replenish your inventory and increase profits.

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