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Cornerstone Baptist Church Church LED Sign Pampa, Texas

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Sign-Express installed a new Church LED Sign for Cornerstone Baptist Church of Pampa, Texas.  Cornerstone Baptist Church representative, Kyle Collins, contacted Sign-Express to design, manufacture and install a new Church LED sign for their newly constructed Church.  The graphics team was able to utilize the Churches new logo and integrate a full color LED sign.  The new LED message center would serve to communicate with the surrounding community about services, events and bringing the Word of God.  Sign-Express performed sign permitting services and then began manufacturing of the identification and LED signs.  Once sign construction was completed, delivery and installation were performed.  The final result was exactly as designed and Cornerstone Baptist Church is enjoying the new Church LED sign.

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  • Sign Permitting
  • LED Manufacturing
  • Identification Sign Manufacturing
  • Installation Services
  • Training & Service

Sign-Express is a nationwide signage solution provider specializing in Church LED signs and sign installation.  We do it all from the design stage to permitting, manufacturing, and installation. The Sign-Express team has all the right components to help make your churches outreach goals a reality and your businesses outdoor marketing successful.

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Cornerstone Church LED Sign Installation Pampa, Texas

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