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Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Homes LED Lighting Retrofit and Sign Refurbish – Houston, TX

Comet Cleaners Katy Business Sign Installation by Sign-Express

Forest Park Lawndale Memorial Funeral Home contacted Sign-Express to LED lighting retrofit and refurbish sign services.  Dignity Funeral Homes recently updated their logo and needed a sign facelift.  Sign-Express carefully uninstalled the existing sign and removed all of the fluorescent tube lights and ballasts.  Then we created the new tracks to install the 6500k LED lights inside the sign.  All of the old yellowing acrylics was removed and the routed faces were sanded and repainted.  New gold vinyl was applied to the accents and then all of the new acrylics were installed.  Once the sign was completed and tested, it was delivered and installed on location.  As you can see from the photos, the sign looks like new.  LED lighting retrofits can improve the lifespan and color of your aged business sign.  Not to mention that the cost savings are tremendous.

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Sign-Express Products & Services Provided

  • Sign Survey
  • Sign Uninstall
  • LED Lighting Retrofit
  • Sign Refurbish
  • Sign Vinyl Installation
  • Sign Installation

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Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Homes Sign Refurbish