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20mm Tri-Color LED Signs

20mm Tri-Color LED Signs and Electronic Displays

The Sign-Express 20mm Tri-Color LED Sign model is cost effective outdoor LED sign solution that far surpasses a simple monochrome or single color grayscale LED sign.  Our Tri-Color LED signs can create red, Green and Amber colors or a combination of all three.  The signs can do 8192 shades of brightness allowing you to show images with shading for more clarity.  Contact us by completing the easy web contact form to learn more about this cost effective 20mm Tri-Color LED sign.

Manufactured in the USA

Sign-Express LED signs are designed in the USA, Manufactured in the USA, and include technical support stationed right here in the USA.

LED Module Design

Our latch system means no screws to lose or discolor on the face of your sign and the triple seal gaskets protect against all water and dust giving it an IP65 rating, one of the highest in the market. The back of the module is con-formal coated for added protection against water and salt molecules that enter the ventilation system. Only top quality LED’s are used to ensure your signs brightness and color balance will last for years to come.

Con-formal Coated Power Supplies

Only the best of the best, MeanWell® power supplies, are used in the construction of the Sign-Express line of signs. Optimized for the highest power efficiency to save you money and added con-formal coating to protect against water and salt molecules in the air. The life of your power supply is increased and so is the life of your LED sign.

Aluminum Cabinet Construction

Lightweight and rustproof aluminum cabinets, built right here in America, are used to house the Sign-Express line of LED signs. Aluminum cabinets are proven to better resist heat, rust and make installation a breeze from reduced weight.

Product Safety

All of our slimline LED display products are tested and certified to ensure safe operation outdoors.

OEM Warranty

All of our high definition products are backed by a (1) one year parts with a factory labor warranty.

Resolution / Pitch20mm
Color Capability8192 Shades
Brightness>7,000 Nits
Pixel Composition1 Red / 1 Green
Viewing Angle160 degree
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Refresh Rate480 MHz
Graphic CapabilityText, Pictures, Video (jpg, bmp, gif, swf, wmv, avi, mp4)
Operating Temperature-40F to +140F
LED Life-span100,000 Hrs.
Auto Dimming Levels100 Levels
Service AccesRear Service
CommunicationTCP/IP with RJ45 input, Optional wireless communication
Warranty1 Year Parts / Factory Labor

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Sign Design Professionals


Still not convinced?

Contact us for a free consultation on your signage needs.  Sign Designers are standing by to assist you in creating the perfect lighted sign or LED sign combination to enhance your image and increase traffic for your location.

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