Houston, TX – August 1, 2015 – For Immediate Release

Richard James is named the Vice President and Partner by Darick Endecott of Sign-Express. In 2009, Richard James served as Vice President of the Houston based Advantage LED Signs. Darick Endecott was contracted in 2011 to help build up and manage Advantage LED, where together they provided outdoor sign solutions nationwide. Each year sales increased and more and more clients enjoyed the working relationship and benefits from professional signage solutions provided by the Houston based team. On July 30th 2015, Advantage LED severed their working relationship and released Mr. James and Mr. Endecott along with all of the Technical Support, Installation, Fabrication, Graphic Artists, Accounting, Reception and Project Management team members operating in the Houston office. Although this is a surprising move by Advantage LED, Mr. James and Mr. Endecott were happy to have the opportunity to work together on a joint venture of their own.

Mr. Endecott has owned and operated Sign-Express since 1998, where his many years of sign experience flourished. Darick joined Advantage LED to assist with sales management and the day to day operations, but maintained the Sign-Express brand throughout his contract.

Darick Endecott stated, “I am so excited to be partnering with Richard James at Sign-Express. He was the marketing and branding genius that made the 6 year old Advantage LED Signs the giant in the sign business it had become. Together over the last 4 years at Advantage LED we were able to take his online marketing strategies and revolutionize the way signs are sold in America today. Through Richard’s nationwide marketing and outreach, 95% of our customers met us online, communicated with us in desktop sharing or over the phone and never had to visit us at the Houston office. I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish together as co-owners of Sign-Express.com.”

Richard James stated, “This past Wednesday was a bittersweet day for me, it was sad that my time at Advantage LED was brought to a close so abruptly. I want every one of my former colleagues to know that I hold no resentment or malice toward anyone at the Vantage LED office in California. Together we had nearly seven years of working relationship and we achieved many great accomplishments for the Vantage/Advantage LED family of companies.”

Richard James added, “Advantage LED had its ups and downs, but once Darick came aboard we soon learned our corresponding core values made for the perfect working partnership and we were able to trust in each other’s strengths. Over the past four years, Darick and I worked together to build a team that helped nearly double sales and increased customer satisfaction to an all-time high leading to a 2015 BBB Award of Excellence. Sign-Express will be strengthening its online reach and sales in the national sign market and providing all of the same great service and support our team provided at Advantage LED. Sign-Express will be extending a welcoming home to those talented team members and friends whom we hired, worked with and were recently displaced by the closing of the Houston office at Advantage LED. We are excited about the prospect that many of the core people who made Advantage LED what it was will now be building the Sign-Express brand name. I am honored and blessed to have such great people on my team.”

Darick stated, “I am proud of what we were able to accomplish and the contributions I was able to bring to Vantage/Advantage LED companies over the last 4 plus years. I was shocked by the decision of the California office to dismantle the operational departments and management of Advantage LED on Wednesday.”

Darick added, “Thank you to all of the former employees of Advantage LED for offering to join Richard and I at Sign-Express. We are working hard to make room for you. I expect to have roles for all of you within 2 months. I am confident about the brighter future we are headed toward with Sign-Express, but I am sorry for those ex-Advantage LED employees that we will have to hold off on hiring for a little while until our new larger offices can be properly established.”


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