Having sold signs and LED signs of all types to various businesses and organizations over the years, I always see one deciding result of a well-designed signage solution. They simply work! Church signs and LED Church signs especially. This article will shed some light on just how a Church sign works and how valuable they are in a Churches outreach to the community.

It is a great feeling when I see one of our Sign-Express signs light up for the first time. I have had the pleasure of witnessing some Church signs light up while many of the members and pastor stood by to see. It is a beautiful thing and the members are so excited when they see their predesigned messages display on the sign. Those messages, crafted with love and purpose, are exactly how a Church can work to grow your congregation. Sign-Express’s professional designers will help to create the first messages for any LED sign purchased. In depth software training or comprehensive content creation and management services are always available at Sign-Express.

The first and most important factor in a successful Church sign design is the size. It has always pained me to see those tiny little signs in front of a Church while I’m driving by at 60+ Mph. You simple cannot see the message and many times not even the name of the Church. Size is important, but also the budget should be a factor. There are several methods that allow the sign to be large and readable without breaking the bank. Some of the most elegant and attractive signs Sing-Express has designed where non-illuminated identification signs. Non-illuminated signs cost half as much as a lighted sign and are still beautiful. Methods such as reflective vinyl can allow for the name or message to be seen at night without the need for internal sign illumination.

The next factor in a successful Church sign is to integrate an LED sign into the signage. This allows for unlimited possibilities in messaging, colors, and your sign will definitely be seen. This will bring the price up a bit, but you will be surprised at how affordable some solutions Sign-Express can achieve. Speaking with a recent Pastor, he was telling me how his Church’s sign is quite old and the congregation has been raising money for more than a year to purchase a new one. Their new sign would represent a new birth for his Church, a kind of transition into the more technical world we live in today. He wanted the sign to show images clearly so we looked at various resolutions and finally decided on the 16mm full color LED sign. The pastor spent hours with our designers to create a beautiful design, one of the best I have seen yet. The sign is slated to be installed later on this summer 2015 and it will be wonderful. When I met with the Pastor to finalize the contract, he was so excited and I was too. We spoke for more than an hour, I answered some of his questions about the LED sign and trim, such as colors and shape they had chosen. It was a great feeling to see what the simple act of sign design can do to put a pep in your step. The Pastors excitement was contagious and I spent the rest of the day spreading the excitement about the new sign we would be building.

You see, Church signs work in many ways. They bring pride to the congregation when the new sign is installed. They bring attention to the Church which may have been overlooked or blended into the scenery in your community. A new Church sign with an LED sign component allows your outreach to announce events, services, reminders and more to members and potential members alike. Church signs simply work for your Church!

Sign-Express is your Church sign design and LED Church sign professional resource.  Sign-Express is a nationwide signage solution provider specializing in LED signs and lighted sign design, sales, permitting, installation and service.  The Sign-Express team has all the right components to help make your business or organization outdoor marketing successful.  We stand firmly behind the products we sell and guarantee our work will be top notch.  After all, your image is our image and your success means our success.  You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at sales@sign-express.com.  Just fill out the form below and take the next step toward transforming your outdoor marketing ability.

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