School signs are a standard fixture for any elementary, intermediate and high school campus. All Schools wish to proudly display their mascot on their school sign with the schools name adorned with their school colors. A typical school sign has a changeable message center such as plastic letter signs, but the ones that really stand out and have the greatest flexibility are LED school signs with accompanying identification sign. An LED school sign offers the greatest array of images and are simple to program with the right LED software solution.

School LED SignsAn LED School sign doesn’t have to big large and flashy. Most schools reside in an area with slower traffic, which offers the greatest readability for you school LED sign. This allows you to put smaller letter messages and images to convey your desired message on the school sign. Events, plays, band concerts, sports events, PTA or PTO meetings and every parents favorite, report card announcements. More and more schools and colleges are adding LED signs to their existing signage or create new school signs with an LED sign as part of the design.

Sign-Express has worked with schools around the country to create unique school sign designs that are the perfect mixture of message effective and budget conscientious. If your school or college is in need of a school sign makeover, give Sign-Express a call. We are professional school sign solution designers with a large selection of products and services to fit your need. Special financing options available and Purchase Orders accepted. Don’t wait, designing your new school sign is absolutely free with no obligation to purchase.

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Sign-Express is your School sign design and LED school sign professional resource. Sign-Express is a nationwide signage solution provider specializing in LED signs and lighted sign design, sales, permitting, installation and service. The Sign-Express team has all the right components to help make your business or organization’s outdoor marketing successful. We stand firmly behind the products we sell and guarantee our work will be top-notch. After all, your image is our image and your success means our success. You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at Just fill out the form below and take the next step toward transforming your outdoor marketing ability.

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