How to make money with LED billboards is something everyone who is familiar with digital billboards and LED signs has asked themselves. Making money with an LED sign is quite simple actually. If you own a business or location where you can install an LED sign, you have a great opportunity to make more money with only a small investment. Brick and mortar retail locations wishing to advertise their products and services in bright images or moving messages have everything to gain from owning an LED sign. Now if you really want to rake in the cash, the way to do it is with billboard advertising. The formula is simple, locations are the key component and traffic is the multiplier.

Everyone knows that off-Premise advertising billboards are big money makers. Ted Turner started his career in advertising by running his father’s small outdoor billboard advertising company in Savannah, Georgia. He worked very hard at growing the heavily leveraged business, and was very successful at amassing a fortune. Ted went on to start Turner Communications Group then later was owner of AOL Time Warner and the Atlanta Braves baseball team. I’d say he did pretty well for himself. Clear Channel started in the outdoor advertising business way back in 1898, I guess you would call them a pioneer in this industry. Now they are one of the nation’s largest billboard networks established in the US. Their networks span city roads, buildings, street benches, ground transit systems, airports and spectaculars such as Times Square. Over the last few years Clear Channel has begun converting their static billboards over to dynamic LED billboards to increase revenue for each location. The revenue streams from having multiple advertisers on a single board is outstanding.

So I bet you are wondering, “How do I start?” Finding a location where you can install a billboard is the beginning. The laws and regulations are not all that kind to the advertising business so you need to do your research. Once you have identified a location, check with the local permitting codes to find out how large of a structure you can erect for your fledgling LED billboard empire. There is usually a state license and fee you will need to pay in order to advertise legally, not all states have this provision. Next, do your market analysis! Identify your competitors, and most of all your future clients and businesses that will want to advertise. You will need to know the pricing for the area advertisers so you can start to build your pricing schedules and begin selling your ads for your new LED sign. The final step is finding the right company to purchase your LED billboard from and who has the knowledge and know how to install the boards correctly so your investment is protected for years to come. LED sign and LED billboard pricing varies dramatically based on needs and sizing. I strongly suggest that you purchase from creditable companies and avoid buying from overseas. Although some of their products will be attractive in price, you will end up paying your profits in keeping them running and locating knowledgeable technical support who speak your language.

Sign-Express offers a comprehensive site survey to help you determine the ideal size and height of your future LED billboard home. It is not a “one size fits all” for each location, there are several factors you must identify before you end up over spending or under-utilizing your location. The owners of Sign-Express has worked with thousands of clients, large and small, in providing the best LED sign solution that meets our client’s goals and budget. Our team of professional project managers, graphic artists and signage experts can help you grow your new LED billboard venture. Sign-Express sells billboards in the US for very competitive prices and have a spectacular (5) five year parts warranty with a (5) year on-site service warranty for all our clients. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond with each of our clients. Call or click to speak with one of our professional sign designers so you can get started making money! You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at Visit us at and take the next step toward transforming your outdoor marketing ability.

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