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Is Church Marketing a Sin?

Church Marketing, it’s a controversial topic:  Should a church advertise?  More and more Church leaders are of the mindset that, like a business, it should market itself to increase its outreach.  An equal number of respected Church leaders feel that if the message is of God, then the membership will rise of its own accord.  [...]

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Intelligently Designed Church Signs

Signs for Churches are a core product for Sign-Express and its professional sign design team.  After years in the sign industry, our favorite clients are Churches due to the creative nature of the sign solutions.  From small church sign marquees, monument church signs and all the way up to spectacular LED church signs, Sign-Express has [...]

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Church Signs and How They Work

Having sold signs and LED signs of all types to various businesses and organizations over the years, I always see one deciding result of a well-designed signage solution. They simply work! Church signs and LED Church signs especially. This article will shed some light on just how a Church sign works and how valuable they [...]

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