An American small business holds so much opportunity for those who strike out on their own to live the American dream.  All of us have dreamed of owning our own company and to work in a field we are passionate about while gaining financial freedom.  Building upon an idea and bringing your special values to your community or even the entire nation.  Helping your family and friends by giving them jobs and working with those whom you enjoy their company.  Securing financial freedom for you and those around you so that we all can enjoy life without the added worries of living check to check.  Those who endeavor to start an American small business are in a category of hero we can all be proud.

Not all American small businesses are prosperous at start and some do not survive.  There are so many facets of business that many individuals fail to identify early on and struggle due to this oversight.  Maybe your skills as an accountant gives you the ability to operate on a budget and ensure your profit is protected, but your ability to acquire new clients are weak.  Perhaps you are the best at your trade and your reputation is enough to keep the business thriving, but you are losing business because your business is not properly represented with signage.  What most businesses are missing is proper marketing and capitalizing on clients that you cannot reach.

Marketing is one of the key components to a successful American small business along with excellent customer service and delivering a product or service your clients expect.  You could have an excellent product and your services are top notch, but what good is it when no there is no one to serve or buy your products?  This is where marketing takes that stage.  So how do you advertise an American small business?  Depending on your type of business and target markets, there are a number of ways to market a small business effectively.  Those businesses with a location or store front require effective signage with lighted signs and LED signs to attract that attention.   This signage will identify your business name and an LED sign can advertise your products and services for all to see.  I have had the privilege of providing proper signage to thousands of businesses nationwide and Sign-Express takes pride in helping those American small businesses in reaching their goals and breaking sales numbers for years to come.  It is not as simple as purchasing a sign and placing it in front of your business.  There are a multitude factors that determine your signage marketing solutions success.  Consult the experts, Sign-Express can save you time and money, precious resources you can spend on growing your small business.

Sign-Express sells lighted signs and LED sign solutions for American small businesses in the US for very competitive prices and have a spectacular (5) five year parts warranty with a (5) year on-site service warranty for all our clients.  We pride ourselves in going above and beyond with each of our clients.  Call or click to speak with one of our professional sign designers so you can get started making money!  You can contact Sign-Express at 1-800-888-5051 or email us at  Visit us at and take the next step toward transforming your outdoor marketing ability.

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